Monday, October 3, 2011

It's been so long...........................

It has been so long since I posted that the space program has ended. I will have to find a new way to travel in cyberspace!

My dear Linda K...........she talked me into doing a page for Green Paper and since I am technically challenged I had to experiment to get as far as I did. The idea was to take a piece of each of three pictures and create something. The picture I created kind of tells you where I am at in my life. I am scheduled for cataract surgery the 13th of this month. Now you understand where I am coming from.

The item in her right hand is a spool of thread and it reads,"If only I could find my glasses..........I would find my needle..........then thread it!

It was my first attempt to use my "Collage Creator" software. An interesting and challenging way to spend a beautiful Fall day. Thank goodness I finished in time to grab some dinner before I settle in to watch those fabulous Tigers play New York tonight.

I hope all of you are enjoying our change in seasons and taking the time to learn something new everyday to keep your mind active. I look forward to hearing from any of you that have a moment to chat!

I promise to come back sooner and make some much needed changes to my pages.

Headed to the kitchen.............3 1/2 hours 'til game time!


  1. beautiful! this is terrific!

  2. Wishing you well for your upcoming surgery. I really like what you've done with Mary's images.

  3. Very nive.
    I wish you strength the 13th and a good recovery. Take Care.