Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Button World.............

How exciting!! I just checked in on the Michigan Button Society website and discovered a wonderful button blog, Got Buttons?, by Vera Williams. I met Vera last month at the Mayflower Button Club meeting. She has inherited her Grandmother's buttons and has created this blog using some of the memorabilia to tell part of the history of the Michigan Button Society. I wanted to stay there and wander around for awhile, but I was anxious to get back here and share with you. She has included many pictures and tells interesting stories.

In future posts I hope to share with some sites where you can purchase buttons either for collectiong or perhaps you use them in sewing or art projects. It really is an incredible hobby that perpetuates itself! While I was at the Michigan site I ran off a copy of the awards for our Fall Show, 2010, which will be held in Kalamazoo this year. I am getting anxious to get into my "stash" and start my trays.

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. It is one of the few football games that I watch each year. All by myself, I sit here and root for whatever team I chose for that particular year. I like football and understand it, I just am not motivated to dedicate my weekends to it. This year I have a bet with one of the techs at my PT. He has won a trophy for WATCHING football, so I guess you can tell he is quite the avid fan. He chose the Saints because his girlfriend likes the Colts. I took the Colts because he chose the Saints, besides, I think it is neat that Payton is from New Orleans and is the Colts star player. Soooooooooooo, it's the Colt's, 36 to the Saint's 30!! My goulash is ready..........the BBQ chicken will go into the oven in a couple of hours, and my corn chips, salsa, and Pepsi are ready and waiting.

I shall leave you here today with Pat's words, if you are still pulling on those bootstraps. Say a prayer for my friend Joan, up in Gaylord. She had major surgery on Monday, came home Thursday, and is "confined", which she HATES!!!!! Joan is always active and this serious operation has sidetracked her for a while. She does so much for others, we pray for speedy healing and patience in being a patient!! I hear she is to lift nothing heavier than a quart of milk for 12 WEEKS!!!!!! We love you Joan and want this to heal properly, so follow doctor's orders. Let me know when you are ready for phone calls.

Pat says, "The days that make us happy make us wise." Go to the library. Get some books on topics that have interested you. How refreshing!

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